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When I think about the creative process, and in particular how it relates to a production, I believe it can be broken down into four key areas:


1) Strategy,

2) Development,

3) Production, and

4) Distribution


Now this isn't revolutionary thinking, but what I've found is that whilst there are many companies and agencies that specialise in these areas, there aren't many that truly have the expertise to execute projects across all of them. So collaboration happens. I've regularly seen and been a part of this working well, however quite often it doesn't or at least it doesn't work as well as it could. Why? Because gaps in knowledge invariably effect a project as it moves from one stage to another. 


That's where I come in....a brief history for you:


I specialise in the non-traditional partly because my progression to this point hasn't followed a traditional path. My eyes were opened to the vast possibilities of the advertising world when I took my first job in 2002, at global media agency Mindshare. After three years learning the ropes I moved to MCN, where I worked closely with Fox Sports, Fox Footy, Fuel and ESPN to create and deliver integrated campaigns that leveraged sponsorships across the channels. Identifying this is a genuine interest and opportunity I then moved into production, focusing on brand-funded productions ranging from TV series to web content. It was at this point Mindshare offered me the chance to start up their content division in Melbourne, and things really got interesting! 


A couple of years later in 2008, The Phoenix Effect was born. This allowed me the freedom to work with brands, media and creative agencies as well as production companies, combining my diverse skill set to deliver local and global campaigns, not to mention pick up a few awards including a Cannes Bronze Lion along the way...which incidentally makes a great paper weight. 


I count myself one of the lucky ones to have found a job I'm truly passionate about, and to have now turned that job into a passion. 

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