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Runs the Place

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So hopefully you're considering how we can work together. And in-keeping with the theme of breaking tradition, there are a few different ways this could come about. Ultimately it really comes down to assessing what you need and if you're not exactly sure of what that is, I'd be more than happy to help you work it out.


I've found that the earlier you can involve me in a project the better. I've been engaged by agencies from the moment they've been briefed, and worked closely with them in the strategic and development process through till final delivery, other times I've just been involved strategically or in an executional sense. 


In some instances I've sat in between of all stakeholders and project managed and creatively colloborated with multiple agencies, production companies and media owners to ensure a seamless production process of the highest quality. 


I've worked on TV Series, TV Commercials, short form content which has been broadcast on-air and online and documentaries as a Producer, Director, Writer and Content Strategist, and have also done a lot of work in the sponsorship strategy and leverage space. 


On the flipside, if you need a full production solution I can also manage this for you. I have a trusted and highly-capable network of freelance production crew with whom I work with on the majority of The Phoenix Effect produced projects. Generally I provide this service for brands that I'm working with directly, or in collaboration with media & creative agencies, albeit the strategy component is usually already done. 


My approach is to always look for the most efficient way to tackle a project, in order to invest as much of the budget into the production values as possible. But...let me note, efficient doesn't necessarily = cheap! I've worked on big budget and small budget projects, and everything in between, and I'll always aim to create with as much quality as can be afforded by the budget. That way everyone wins, including the end consumer.


I like to tell it like it is, keep the process focused and simple and enjoy the people and projects I work on. As an only child I can find the fun in everything, and that certainly extends to my work. 


If you like the sound of this approach, or if you'd simply like to chew the fat and talk through ideas please don't hesitate to pick up the phone or drop me a line. 

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